Wheyward Cheese Club

Calling all curd nerds! Do you love artisanal and farmstead cheeses? Take advantage of our Wheyward cheese club. Every other month subscribers will receive a themed collection with a different selection of three cheeses, handmade by organic and artisan cheesemakers from around the world and two pantry items. These collections are chosen to highlight the finest cheeses available each season. We hope that they spark a desire to learn more about cheese and share your discoveries with friends and loved ones.

 questions about the wheyward cheese club 

 What is the Wheyward Cheese Club?

The Wheyward Cheese Club is our bi-monthly club that allows you to discover new cheeses and condiments.

Sign up for a bi-monthly subscription $65 or sign up for a 1-time $65, 3- time $195, or 6- time $390 subscription to give as a gift to yourself or a cheese loving friend.

What Do I get?

Purchase includes –

  • 3 types of cheese (approximately ¼ pound each)
  • 2 types of pantry items. Each pantry item is sourced and chosen to pair well with our cheese. Pantry items might include mustards, charcuterie, nut butters, crackers, and jams.
  • An informational guide with a description of the cheese chosen as well as tasting and pairing notes

When is pick up?

Pick up is available at the shop, 24 California Ave. Unit B on the second Wednesday of the month during our normal business hours (11-6)

Will you remind me to pick up?

Yes, we will send you an email with a reminder to come pick up at the shop!

What if I can’t pick up one month?

No problem. Just let us know that you don’t want to receive this month’s box before the first and we’ll cancel your box for the month. Your subscription will continue the next cheese club month.

What if I won’t be able to pick up on the second Wednesday of the month but still want the box for the month?

No problem, just let us know before the first of the month and we’ll try to arrange a pickup time that works for you. If one can’t be arranged, we’ll go ahead and cancel it for the month.

When will I be billed?

The subscription automatically rebills on the first of every other month. If you chose the 1, 3, or 6 time option you will be billed at time of purchase.

If I have a food allergy or dietary concern, can I customize the box?

We’re sorry at this time we won’t be able to take into account any dietary concerns or food allergies. We will have every item clearly marked with ingredients used.

Do you Ship?

We don’t currently offer shipping, but we hope to add shipping soon.

How do I cancel my subscription?

you can cancel anytime before the 1st of the cheese club month. We will send you a reminder email about 1 week prior to charging your card. you can cancel by emailing us at info@thewheyfarer.com of by calling the shop at 775-622-8320

How do I join?

you can leave your information below and we will contact you or Call the shop at 775-622-8320. 

Interested in becoming a member? Please fill out the form below and a member of our sales team will get back to you.